A very weird night.

In the Throwback Thursday poll this week, Soaps.com takes readers back to 1982 when Laura Spencer just vanished on “General Hospital”…

Laura Spencer recently showed up in Port Charles after a few years away, but there is just no telling how long she’ll stay – or where she might go if she leaves. After all, Laura has a history of coming and going completely shrouded in mystery.

In 1982, Laura had been in New York modeling as Ms. Star Eyes but she flew back into Port Charles to spend some time with her husband Luke. She took an earlier plane than she had planned, and got to town just before all other flights were cancelled due to a thick, heavy fog that had descended. After an awkward run-in with ex Scotty Baldwin at the airport, she decided to surprise Luke and meet him at their boat, the Titan. But when she arrived Luke was nowhere to be found and the phone was dead, so she went to the docks to use the payphone.

Luke went to the airport but Laura wasn’t there. He then called Kelly’s Diner before going to the Webbers, but there was no sign of Laura anywhere. That’s because she had been confronted by a menacing man at the pier and was not seen again for years.

Neither Laura nor Luke could get through to the Webber residence that night because the phone line was perpetually busy. Do you remember why? Vote in our “General Hospital” poll: