GH Rundown For May 25 – 29!

Jason and Michael’s scenes discussing their similar brain injuries were a nice touch and having Monica stand up for her grandson with Edward made it even better, especially considering she knows how all the hovering and ordering around of Jason blew up in their faces. Since Jason took care of Michael early on they have a special bond, so it’s nice to see Jason be the one person Michael can truly talk to and even joke around with regarding his situation. Jason’s brain damage is often referred to and his accident is often recalled, but having it tie into a current storyline with the boy he loves like his own, nicely brings everything full circle.

Robin’s homecoming scenes were sweet and I’m so happy Patrick didn’t cheat on her while she was in treatment. The writers kind of made us think that might happen with Elizabeth when she was helping him out so much early on, but that thankfully didn’t turn out to be the case. It’s a nice change of pace on GH to see a husband stick by his wife’s side and tough it out without turning to someone else for comfort. I’ve always liked Patrick and this ordeal has made me like him even more.

Speaking of husbands turning to other women, I think I’m taking a very unpopular stance regarding the Luke/Holly affair. Maybe I was just never that devoted to Luke and Laura as a couple, but it makes sense to me that he cheated on her with Holly. Yes, Laura is the love of his life, but that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have strayed. I think he was supposed to have hooked up with Holly while they were in Canada, so maybe things got a little too dull and comfortable for him while they were working at that diner. Luke has always been a character that craves adventure and if I remember correctly, when they returned to Port Charles, Luke and Laura split because he couldn’t take the mundane day-to-day domesticity of it all. I don’t think him sleeping with Holly diminishes his love for Laura; it just means he is human and was looking for some excitement like a lot of married men and woman do. Yes, we want our supercouples to remain just that, but this particular supercouple evolved from a rape. Is infidelity really too much of a leap?