Would I lie to you?

Rants and raves for the week of June 8 – 12:

Laura returned and proceeded to immediately tick off half of Port Charles. Let’s discuss that, and the countless secrets and lies floating around this week on “General Hospital.”

Luke and Laura’s latest adventure.
Laura’s return sent waves through town, as Luke suddenly broke off his engagement to Tracy and claimed things with Laura weren’t as over as he thought. Jane Elliot (Tracy) had some amazing Emmy worthy scenes as she laid into Luke for being a louse. Even if Luke’s able to tell her what’s really going on, it’s doubtful that she’ll take him back as he couldn’t trust her enough to tell her the truth. Why is Laura back though? It’s obviously not to reclaim her lost love, which Luke revealed was a lie in Friday’s cliffhanger to Dillon and Lulu. We just have to sit tight until Monday to get the truth. Meanwhile Laura’s visit with Nikolas was nice, but her bringing up ELQ and questioning him about his business seemed like she was fishing for info. Are the Cassadines a part of why she’s back?

Nasty Nikolas and his co-conspirators.
I find myself on the fence about Nikolas. I hate what he’s doing to his friends and family all in order to take over ELQ, but watching him become a bad boy has been so much fun. The biggest issue I have is that Nikolas rarely gets mad and he’s so soft spoken, so it’s difficult to see him as a ruthless villain. Even though he’s gone rogue, I still like him! Liz on the other hand is a pro at being a bad girl and is far more unlikable then Nik. She’s so desperate to hold onto Jake that she’s now going along with Nik’s scheme to take over ELQ. Unbelievable!

In last week’s Deconstructing GH I discussed my disappointment that Sloane really did seem to be a crook. This week he continued to disappoint me by joining Nikolas’ side. I really hope that he has a plan to expose both Nikolas and Lomax that we don’t know about, as I would like to see him with Anna. However, I don’t want to see Anna involved with yet another crooked mobster figure.

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