I could have taken him, Dad.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, Soaps.com takes readers back to 1996 when “General Hospital’s” Lucky Spencer got in a fight…

Port Charles’ Nathan West opened up to Maxie Jones about his sister, Nina Clay, this week. Back then Lucky had recently found out that Nikolas Cassadine was his half-brother and was none too pleased. The boys quickly became rivals for their mother, Laura Spencer’s, attention and affection.

Lucky was chatting with the new waitress, Gina Williams, outside Kelly’s one day when Nikolas happened along. Lucky sniped that he was interrupting a private conversation and Nik poked Lucky in the chest. Lucky took a swing at Nik and a fight ensued. Luke Spencer appeared and broke it up, much to Lucky’s chagrin. Luke explained to Lucky about biding his time with the Cassadines using the analogy of a high-stakes card game. Lucky got some attention from Gina, and when Laura arrived later and learned of the scuffle, she hugged Lucky as Nikolas watched jealously from behind a payphone.

After the fight, Gina gave Lucky something to help him feel better. Do you remember what it was? Vote in our “General Hospital” poll: