Reunions. (Howard Wise/JPI Studios)

The GH Rant from June 1 – 5:

This week brought Luke home, as well as Tracy’s son Dillon. Also for once a big reveal wasn’t dragged out for weeks. Let’s discuss “General Hospital.”

Denise is Ava . . . Shocker!
As many viewers guessed long ago, Silas kidnapped Avery to use as a donor in a bone marrow transplant for Ava. Denise tried to continue with the twin sister act, but finally admitted to Silas that she was Ava. Now she’s blackmailing him to keep quiet. I have to say Denise is/was a great character, and it would have been fun if her story were real. Ava seems to have run her course, but Denise could have been fresh and new. On the other hand, we knew the show would go here eventually, so perhaps it’s best they didn’t drag the Denise act out for a year or more. Now we simply have to wait for people to one by one figure her out.

Ric and his bag of dirty tricks.
Ric using Nina in a get rich scheme has a “been there done that” feel to it, and as I said in last week’s GH Blog it’s clearly just a way for Franco to come out Nina’s hero. The best part of the story is it facilitated the return of Madeline. It was great seeing her put Ric in his place when he tried to double-cross her. The viewers know that Madeline has some secrets up her sleeve still, such as the identity of Nathan’s father. Let’s just hurry up and get to that part of the story.

Settling things in the ring.
Michael and Morgan duking it out, and then working things out, was probably the most likable these two have been in months. It would be great to see this family starting to heal, but as Morgan said, things will never be the same. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling history may repeat itself and Kiki will become a problem in their trying to repair their relationship. Denise/Ava will definitely stir the pot as much as she can in order to get Avery back as well.