Calm down!

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1991 when “General Hospital’s” Bill Eckert learned he’d been double-crossed…

Port Charles’ Michael Quartermaine was double-crossed by Rosalie Martinez this week, but back then, Bill discovered that Scott Baldwin and Lucy Coe had conspired against him in a custody suit. Bill’s ex-wife Nancy had dollar signs in her eyes when she decided to pursue custody of their young son Sly Eckert. She used a toxic substance being manufactured at the local cartel’s cannery operation to make Bill appear inebriated at the custody hearing. The cartel later eliminated Nancy when they found out she’d been poking around and eventually Bill was tried for Nancy’s murder.

When Bill discovered the truth about what happened to him at the hearing, he confronted Nancy’s attorney, Scott, about conspiring with Nancy to get a cut of the money he would have to pay her. He also accused Scott of helping to doctor a photo of Nancy and AJ. Scott admitted he was on Nancy’s side at first, but insisted he switched sides when he realized how crazy she was. Bill punched Scott and vowed to have him disbarred. Bill then went to his own office to confront Scott’s lover, and his secretary, Lucy. Bill asked Lucy to take dictation. He then dictated a letter to the legal authorities asking that Scott be disbarred and criminally charged, and explaining why. Bill then added that Scott accomplished his misdeeds with Lucy’s help. As realization dawned on Lucy, she asked what Bill was going to do to her. Bill fired her and ordered her to go.

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