Credit: Luke needs Laura. We all need Laura!

We at know what a hit Luke and Laura’s November reunion was. We flocked to our TV sets in droves! According to the ratings, the week of their anniversary and pseudo remarriage propelled GH to the highly coveted #1 spot for the week (in a tie with Y&R). In fact, sources at ABC are referring to the original super couple’s bittersweet time together as a “gold mine.” Now, there’s buzz that the powers that be and Genie Frances might be hammering out a deal for Laura to wake up for a little while just in time for February sweeps! GH Headwriter Robert Guza Jr. says “The end of Laura’s story very carefully does NOT preclude any return.” He goes on to share his personal preference regarding the Spencer storyline”I like to believe it’s going to happen.”

Before Laura slipped back into her catatonic state, she shared with Lulu her feeling that perhaps she didn’t actually kill her step father (Rick Webber) after all. Lulu has enlisted the help of Spinelli and Dillon to help her clear her mother’s name. So far, they are hot on a new theory that points to another killer. Could Helena have done it and drugged Laura into believing she did it? Has Stavros risen from the dead to entrap his lovely ex-wife? Why is Monica Quartermaine so interested all of a sudden?