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The GH Rant from May 18 – 22:

Monday saw the second “General Hospital” live show air, which started an avalanche of character exits. Let’s discuss what went down this week in Port Charles.

Revenge wedding.
I’m still baffled as to what is going on in Nina’s head and why she married Ric. If she wanted to hurt Franco for thinking she kidnapped Avery, a crime that has yet to be officially resolved, there are easier ways to do that. Frankly Nina is punishing herself more than anything by marrying Ric. I also can’t figure out what Ric is thinking either. Is he trying to make Liz jealous? That ship has sailed and he won’t get her back. Could this have something to do with Nina’s money that’s been tied up by the government? What is going on with these two?

Anna murdering Carlos in cold blood has led to a huge mess. Not only have they lost their one piece of evidence against Julian, but now poor Jake could go down for Duke’s murder. Carlos was scum and it was his time to go, but Anna is not supposed to be above the law. I was really shocked that she gunned him down the way she did. However I loved how Sloane came to her aid, and it’s clear that he really cares for her. It’s too soon after Duke’s death for Anna to even think about a relationship, but I hope these two get there eventually. What Sloane did for Anna really sealed the deal for me as far as these two becoming an item.

As the two argued over what Anna had done, something Sloane said struck me. Anna wondered why Sloane didn’t arrest her, as he came to town to get payback for what she did to him years earlier. He told her that he came to town to do a job. I’m wondering if Sloane is part of something much bigger than we realize.

Gone too far?
Anna wasn’t the only one crossing lines this week, as Nikolas did a running leap over one. He’s done some pretty crummy things to his friends and loved ones as of late, but ordering Hayden’s death really made him a Cassadine through and through. Sure, she didn’t actually die, but the fact that he wanted her dead was enough. Other characters have done worse and been redeemed, but I worry Nikolas isn’t going to be one of those. The show seems to be running low on truly bad villains, and it seems Nikolas is filling that void. Perhaps Laura’s pending return will save him from himself?

On Monday’s live show Nikolas did give me a good chuckle when he told Liz that he’s surprised nobody in town has figured out that Jake is Jason, as they are so similar. It seems those lines were thrown in there just for the fans, who have been saying the same thing for months now.

Dr. Overprotective.
Patrick’s jealousies of Jake continued to come out this week. Of course he has a right to be concerned given what happened with Hayden getting shot and Sam being there when it happened. However I’ve always wondered how he didn’t make the connection between Jason’s brain surgeries and Jake’s, which is one of those funny facts that Nikolas brought up this week. Does Patrick know, or have an idea as to who Jake really is? I hate to think Patrick would be so devious, but he may want to hold onto Sam as much as Liz wants to keep Jake. What do you think? Vote in’s General Hospital Poll: Does Patrick know about Jake?.