Car bomb gone wrong.

The Throwback Thursday poll this week takes readers to 1996 when “General Hospital’s” Sonny Corinthos lost another loved one in a botched hit…

Sonny Corinthos lost a good man when Duke Lavery was killed, but he is no stranger to losing people to acts of violence. And while it hurts losing a trusted friend and ally, Sonny knows firsthand how much worse it is when the person killed is someone you love. Back then, Sonny was married to Lily Rivera, whose father Hernando Rivera was a bigtime crime boss in Puerto Rico. Sonny had decided to leave Lily for Brenda Barrett, but when he learned Lily was pregnant with his child he fully recommitted to his wife and their future family. Unfortunately, no one told Hernando that Sonny had a change of heart and he made plans to take out his son-in-law with a car bomb. But his daughter was the one killed just feet from where Sonny stood. Hernando had a heart attack when he heard the news, and Sonny was truly devastated.

Sonny and Lily were celebrating the announcement of their baby that night with family and friends. Do you remember where?