Credit: Goodbye Ned and Olivia too? (ABC)

The GH Rant from May 11 – 15:

It was a somber week in Port Charles as an iconic character was gunned down. By the end of the week things were on the upswing as “General Hospital” went live on Friday for the first of two shows. Let’s discuss!

The death of a legend.
Watching Duke die was incredibly hard, as the character has been a part of the show for almost 30 years. Finola Hughes’ (Anna) scenes on the pier and in the morgue were fantastic. Her anger at Julian, and spinning out of control and almost killing Jake, were equally as amazing. I think she’s got her lead actress reels for next year with any one of these scenes.

There was something oh so wrong, yet oddly so right about having Obrecht in the OR comforting a grieving Anna. Well, she comforted her as much as Obrecht can comfort anyone. Giving these two a touching scene together, when they are usually at each other’s throats, was such a good choice on the writers’ parts.

Duke’s funeral was touching, and it was good to see characters like Mac and Felicia again, as we hardly see them anymore. It reminded me that we still never got closure to the ballot box snafu and Felicia being robbed of winning the mayoral election. Maybe them popping up is a sign that something will finally come of that.

Sonny’s dream about Duke’s fake-out felt like a knife in the heart. Viewers, myself included, were secretly hoping that Duke had somehow paid off Patrick or a nurse to give him a drug to make him simply appear dead. Or perhaps Anna and Duke conspired to fake-kill him in order to slip him out of the country and avoid Sloane persecuting him. However Sonny’s dream seemed to be a way of letting us know that wasn’t going to happen.

With Duke clearly dead for the time being, should Anna and Sloane give things a go? Vote in’s General Hospital Poll: Who should Anna be with?

Worst cops ever.
Poor Jake, he’s never going to outlive what Helena did to him and will forever be a suspect in any major crime that goes down in Port Charles. Of course Nathan finding him with the smoking gun in his hand didn’t help, but Detective West sure showed some shoddy detective work. Not only did Jake have to suggest a gunpowder residue check, which Nathan didn’t bother with, shouldn’t Metro Court’s parking garage have a surveillance system they could check? Or at least the hotel itself to see the timing of when Duke left and when Jake showed up? It’s no wonder the mob has survived this long in town, the keystone cops can’t do anything right.