Mob vs. Duke, Take 1.

This week’s Throwback Thursday poll takes readers back to 1989 when “General Hospital’s” Duke Lavery was thought murdered the first time…

Right now Anna is mourning the death of Duke, the love of her life, at the hands of a Jerome henchman. But this isn’t the first time she’s shed tears over losing him to the mob – or even the second. The very first time Anna mourned the death of Duke was back when she and all of Port Charles thought he had been taken out in a bomb explosion by the docks, retaliation for his testimony against mob boss Victor Jerome. Tiffany Hill interviewed Commissioner Robert Scorpio about the explosion for the news, while Anna had to be held back from entering the burning building herself to find Duke, refusing to believe he was gone.

After interviewing Robert, Tiffany asked Sean Donely off camera what Duke was doing down by the docks anyway. Do you remember what the reason was? Vote in our “GH” poll: