Credit: Did we just make a baby? (ABC)

The GH Rant from May 4 – 8:

The Nurses’ Ball, mob hits, and a secret that more people keep learning about yet aren’t exposing were just a few of the things going on in Port Charles this week. Let’s discuss on what went down on “General Hospital.”

The Nurses’ Ball 2015.
I thought that this year’s ball was okay. Some viewers love the ball, while others hate it. I find it to be a fun break from the usual humdrum of the show, but half way through you just want it to wrap up and end. Patrick and Emma’s performance was absolutely adorable and the scene-stealer of the entire thing. Because “99 Luftballons” is one of my favorite songs from the eighties, I loved Obrecht’s over the top balloon popping performance as well. I actually wished she had crashed the opening number again, as that stale thing just needs to go! I felt that Magic Milo and the Haunted Starlets, were just ehh this year. The Starlets were the only ones to really perform anything contemporary. One of these years it would be great to see Lucy not end up in her underwear. Yes it’s a tradition, but maybe it’s time to end that one.

Don’t call me “townie.”
It was only a matter of time before they used that mask of Spencer’s to pull off a Phantom joke. The way he crashed the ball was brilliant, but it would have been more enjoyable if it weren’t for the fact that it was yet again over Cam and Emma. Many viewers aren’t amused by the love lives of ten year olds and don’t understand why the writers aren’t getting this memo.

Alicia Leigh Willis returned as the ghost of Courtney Matthews because Spencer was down in the dumps over his face and loosing Emma. These scenes were touching, as all Spencer has ever wanted was a mom to love him. Not only did she get him to face his face, but she gave him a talking to for calling people like Cameron townies. She pointed out that she was a townie too. It’s about time someone disciplined Spencer, I just never expected it to be his mother’s ghost. Something tells me she’s going to need to come around a lot more, as Spencer likely won’t be learning any good moral lessons from Nikolas with the way he’s acting.

Spinelli and Maxie’s mistake.
Nathan and Ellie’s plan to attend the ball together to make Spinelli and Maxie jealous worked like a charm, and now everyone is with who they are supposed to be. This silly storyline lasted far longer than it needed to. Hopefully Maxie will not do anything to flub things with Nathan again, as Ellie and Nathan did make a cute couple.