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“They have raised the bar for this.”

For the past year Michelle Stafford has been playing coma comeback kid Nina Clay on “General Hospital” – today is her one year anniversary – and she has loved portraying someone who isn’t exactly all there. And while there is no telling what Nina and her cohorts will get into during the upcoming two-day event when “General Hospital” broadcasts live on May 15 and May 18, it will definitely be worth watching Stafford told

“I’ll just say there are a lot of things they are teasing.”

Read more about what Stafford thinks is in store for her character, who she’d love to do more scenes with, and what talent she’s sure Nina would have if she was booked for the Nurses’ Ball. So two days of live shows – is that intimidating?

Stafford: Not for us, because actors are crazy people and love hanging from a thread and walking the tight rope. We are naturally those people. So we are all really excited. There are some actors who aren’t in it who are not happy to not be in it. Have you ever done anything like this before?

Stafford: Well, talk shows are live. And stage, which I think daytime TV and soap operas are as close to stage as you can get. Because even when we shoot, we are shooting knowing that this is the take that is going to be good. We don’t have the luxury of doing a bunch of takes anyway in daytime TV. It just isn’t like that anymore. So our mindset when we are doing it is that this is the one that is going to go. With that, doing a live show, it won’t be that different from how we tape normally. But, there is the added element of, “Oh my gosh, if I forget a line, that’s it.” We can’t stop. How much prep work has gone into the live shows? Are you rehearsing a lot more than you normally would?

Stafford: We have a very long rehearsal time on Thursday, the day before. It is going to be way extra rehearsal time, just for everybody to get it together. I think it is tough on cameras and sound – those are the two departments that are really going to have the toughest time. Not the toughest, but it is more challenging for those departments. And there are some really quick wardrobe changes. They have raised the bar for this. There is some really wild stuff happening that you have to really prepare for normally, and they are doing it for the live show. So if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. There are a couple of things they are doing I really can’t believe they are going to do that are crazy. What can we expect from Nina during the live shows?

Stafford: Someone has a secret that is going to be revealed, and somebody is getting married, and for somebody, something really bad is happening to them – really bad. So it is going to be one of us that is going to be a part of that… But you know who Nina is interacting with, and there are some surprises within that. I was really surprised – I was like “What? I really didn’t expect this.” So that will be part of it. We missed Nina at the Nurses’ Ball. What would her talent be if she was there?

Stafford: Juggling. I think she juggles. Somebody asked me why she wasn’t there, and I said she’s tone deaf, being in a coma and all. It made her completely tone deaf. But she would juggle. And it has been about one year now that you have been on the show.

Stafford: Actually, a year ago today was my very first day playing Nina. Happy anniversary!

Stafford: Thank you! Of course, not counting that day I woke up and said, “Silas.” My first real day playing Nina was today so it has been exactly a year. Has it been what you expected?

Stafford: No. I didn’t really expect anything though. I go way back with Frank [Valentini], and he has always been so wonderful and supportive and always appreciated the work that I did. So I knew he would have something really interesting for me to do, and I really have wanted to play somebody who was “off.” I feel like when you start a show like that and they want to bring you into the fabric of the show and kind of tone you down, you still at least have the foundation of being that person. And I think there are some things coming up in the way future that are really, really interesting that I have been told about, and if they choose to tell those stories, it would be really cool.