Not bad for a dead guy.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 2001 when “General Hospital’s” Chloe Morgan was murdered…

During the Nurses’ Ball in Port Charles, Nikolas Cassadine revealed Jake’s true identity to Elizabeth Webber. Back then, Chloe realized that successful businessman, Lucien Cane, was actually Stavros Cassadine. At Wyndemere, Stavros realized Chloe had figured out who he was, and he ranted to her about his hatred for Stefan Cassadine. Stavros had intended to murder Stefan and pin it on Jasper Jax, but instead murdered Chloe and framed Stefan. Stavros, who had been cryogenically frozen and restored to life by Helena Cassadine, reported back to her about the change in plans. She had been hotly anticipating Stefan’s death and wasn’t thrilled, but Stavros insisted that framing Stefan was genius.

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