Credit: Reunited and it feels so good. (ABC)

The GH Rant from April 27 – May 1:

ABC already has a show called “Secrets and Lies,” but that about sums up this week in Port Charles as everyone’s were coming out. It should definitely make for an interesting Nurses’ Ball. Let’s discuss this week’s “General Hospital” episodes.

Nikolas, the ladies man!
Nikolas sure has his hands full lately, what with Lulu’s creepy cousin Valerie staying at his house, having to pretend date Rosalie after Lulu caught them conspiring, and Hayden dropping in for her sex visits. Juggling all these women actually may be his undoing, not his secrets about Jason or attempting to take over ELQ. It was great seeing Rosalie back though, and hopefully we will see more of her. She is fantastic in every scene she’s in, and we still need to know her secret. Nikolas being caught with Hayden by Spencer was also great, as was Nikolas trying to assure Spencer that his face would be okay. The scenes between Nikolas and Spencer are always amazing and often touching. You can really see how much he cares for the kid.

Let’s make a deal, Avery style.
Avery is back, and predictably Kiki and Morgan looked like the biggest culprits in her kidnapping. They definitely deserved what they got due to their dunderhead scheme drugging Michael, but Michael coming out on top yet again was a crummy pay-off. I ranted about Michael being the golden boy in last week’s GH Blog, and he continued to shine this week too. Michael once again schemed to get Avery back in his arms. It was unbelievable how he couldn’t understand why Morgan seems to hate him, especially after Sonny and Carly took Michael’s side in all of this and gave him what he wanted, regardless of what he’s done to them! Now Sonny is not innocent, and neither is Carly, but so far Michael is just getting everything he wants, including his parent’s support no matter what he does. Carly and Sonny are going to push Morgan off the deep-end really soon. They better watch out when he blows.

Dr. O. knows?
It seems Obrecht has a lot of secrets she’s been keeping, perhaps more than the viewers even realized. We know she knows who Nathan’s dad is obviously, and she has something on Nina that even Nina doesn’t know about, but now it seems she may know who Jake is. When she ranted to Sam about Jake, she all but spelled out who he really was. She pointed out how insane it was that Carly, Liz and Sam fluttered around him like lovesick butterflies when they don’t know him from Adam. Does Dr. O. know? It wouldn’t be shocking if Faison confided in her as to who Jake is. She definitely seems to have hated him from the start for no good reason. Maybe it’s because she’s always known he was Jason.