Credit: Busted! (ABC)

The GH Rant from April 20 – 24:

If I were to have to sum up what happened in Port Charles this week in one word, that word would be “Busted!” Let’s discuss what went down on “General Hospital.”

The Nurses’ Ball.
Lucy has been running around in a frenzy planning for the ball, which is set to begin next week. She should probably take some time to make sure she has a foolproof outfit that won’t somehow come off without serious help. That way she might not end up in her undies on stage again. One good thing she did was give Nathan and Ellie the idea to attend the ball together, which could make Maxie and Spinelli jealous. It seems clear from Maxie’s reactions to her talk with Lulu that she’s not sure she should be with Spinelli, but Spinelli seems to have no doubts he should be with Maxie. While Maxie and Spinelli’s scenes had me rolling my eyes, Nathan and Ellie’s were cute and fun. I look forward to seeing them attend the ball together. Who knows, maybe they really will hit it off and begin to realize there is more than just Maxie and Spinelli. What do you think? Vote in’s General Hospital Poll: Would Nathan and Ellie make a good couple?

Smooth criminal.
Nikolas has truly embraced his Cassadine roots and has become a masterful liar. His ability to come up with a lie on the fly to explain why Spencer had Jason’s ring was amazing, yet at the same time frustrating for fans. Once again we were so close to the truth about Jake being exposed, only to have it snatched from us. I’m actually enjoying Nikolas as a bad boy, and he and Hayden definitely smoke up the screen when they are together. However we need a Jake/Jason reveal now. Whether Nikolas can come out looking clean and innocent though remains to be seen. I would like to see him continue this bad boy role as he’s been great fun to watch lately.