Baby drama! (ABC)

The GH Rant from April 6 – 10:

This week seemed to focus on people moving in with, or moving in on, others in Port Charles. Let’s discuss what happened on “General Hospital.”

Horndog Hayden.
Hayden put the moves on every member of the male species she could. Her marriage really must have been bad if she’s so hot to trot. At first I didn’t like Hayden, and after trying to bed all these guys I really wasn’t liking her. However then the show made a point of having her say that men who engage in one night stands are studs, whereas there is a double standard for women. I liked that, and then I started to look at her in a new light. Hayden just wanted to have fun as she pointed out and she didn’t want to be judged for it. You go girl! With Nikolas turning into a total bad boy, perhaps a bad girl like Hayden is just what he needs. What do you think? Vote in’s General Hospital Poll: Which man do you want to see Hayden with?

Father knows best.
Spencer gave Alan/Jason’s ring to Emma as a token of his love, but she couldn’t take it, as it wasn’t his to give. He threw a tantrum, and then threw the ring, which landed under Patrick’s couch. Start placing your bets now as to how many times the camera is going to pan to that ring over the next few weeks. I did love that Patrick told Emma that she did nothing wrong, and that she and Spencer are far too young to be talking about being each other’s true loves. It’s about time someone told these kids to cool it with the love talk. Good job Patrick!

Moving in and moving on.
In last week’s GH blog I discussed how all the women seemed to be drawn to Jake, and now this week he’s got a bike just like Jason had to add to his sex appeal. Sam finally took the plunge and moved in with Patrick, but not before taking a ride on Jake’s hog. I’ve written before how bad I feel for Patrick, because he’s going to get his heart broken. Sam is just far more into this guy she barely knows than the man she’s spent the past year growing closer too. I really like Patrick with Sam, and Liz with Jake, but there is no denying that Jake and Sam are pretty hot together. Actually Jake is smoking with just about every female he shares a scene with. I am finally understanding why so many “Young and the Restless” fans are missing Billy Miller, as he really is fantastic. Patrick and Liz will definitely need to form a support group after the truth finally comes out about Jake, and Carly might need to end up joining it too.

Dumb doormat.
Speaking of Liz… Really Liz? That’s about all I have to say about her storyline right now, and it’s probably two words too many.