Good friends.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1979 when “General Hospital’s” Jeff Webber was forced to confront Roy DiLucca…

Port Charles’ Michael Quartermaine confronted Kiki Jerome and Morgan Corinthos this week. Back then, Bobbie Spencer implored Jeff Webber to deal with Roy DiLucca when a situation arose at the disco. Roy, who was very drunk and volatile, was coming on to Laura Webber, who was working at the disco as a waitress. He made her dance with him, and because he was a little scary, she didn’t want to refuse. Bobbie told Jeff what was happening and suggested he should do something about it. Jeff noted that Roy was pretty ‘snockered’ and was taken aback that Bobbie expected him to deal with the guy. Bobbie pointed out that Laura couldn’t handle Roy alone.

Jeff eventually made his way over to where Roy was dancing with Laura and lured him away to a table where Bobbie was sitting. Bobbie got Roy to drink coffee and the situation was diffused.

Before Jeff approached Roy, he was relieved to see another man enter the disco, and he told the man he might need his assistance with Roy. Do you remember who arrived? Vote in our “General Hospital” poll: