The Music of the Night. (ABC)

The GH Rant from March 30 – April 3:

This week we got answers to burning questions, a touching family reunion, but also great heartbreak. Let’s discussed what went down in Port Charles.

It was 52 years ago today…
The major focus of the week was the 52nd anniversary of “General Hospital” as well as the Luke reveal that fans have been waiting for. The April 1 episode was simply an amazing hour of television. It was beautifully shot and well acted. The show captured that classic soap feel with the overly dramatic music, which was amazingly blended in with just the right amount of campiness through the dialogue and acting style of the sixties. The little actress who played a young Barbara Jean was fantastic and truly captured that sugary sweet kid vibe from the shows back then. I also did not realize that Laura Wright (Carly) was playing the role of Luke’s mother Lena until about halfway through the episode. Bravo to everyone in this episode!

Of course the star of the hour was Tony Geary (Luke), who we definitely felt for as an adult reliving what happened to him, while at the same time hating him as he portrayed Luke’s drunk and abusive father, Tim. Most fans assumed that he had killed his father, however the shocking moment came when we learned he accidentally killed his mother too. The reality of what he did was too much, which caused a young Luke’s mind to break. We know why Luke’s split happened, but we still don’t know when it really began to manifest. The inclusion of Luke’s cousin Bill into the story was also a nice twist. Perhaps both the trauma of what Luke did, as well as seeing his look-a-like at a time when his mind was so fragile, is what really caused him to fracture.

In last week’s GH blog I expressed my concerns that Pat (Dee Wallace) was going to be nothing more than a casting gimmick. I really had hope that by including her daughter Valerie that wouldn’t be the case. However, my gut instincts were correct. After Luke’s secret was finally exposed, Pat kicked the bucket. It feels like such a waste of a talented actress and an important character. While Wallace obviously has a busy schedule as she is still working in films, writing Pat as being in a home due to having MS was a great way to keep her around and trot her out every now and then. “GH” has enough legacy characters that they pull out every once in a blue moon, so why couldn’t they have done the same with Pat? Perhaps they can rewrite it at some point to have Pat’s death having been faked in order to protect her from Luke, just in case he’s not fully well. After all, we know nobody is ever really dead on a soap.

Memory, all alone in the moonlight.
Hayden and Ric’s plan to snow Jake has hit several snags. Jake’s refused to leave town, Carly is determined to prove Hayden is a fake, Jake is once again having memories of Sam, and later he remembered his old bike. The show needs to just let Jake’s memories flood back so he can explode several lives and relationships in town, because right now this storyline is a drag to watch. There were a few highlights though. One was Lucas grilling Carly as to if she had feelings for Jake. I literally laughed out loud when he started telling her it was okay if she liked Jake because the guy is hot. Meanwhile Alexis questioned Sam’s interest in Jake, though Sam tried to assure her mom that Patrick is the only man she’s interested in. Given how so many women in Port Charles are infatuated with Jake it almost makes one actually feel bad for poor Ric, almost. Unfortunately for Ric his schemes make one realize that he deserves no sympathy at all.