Being dishonest.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1978 when “General Hospital’s” Bobbie Spencer used her sister Patricia to tell a lie.

Port Charles’ Luke Spencer has been on a tear lately, suffering a mental breakdown and torturing the people he is supposed to love the most – his sisters. Back then, it was Bobbie who was willing to do whatever it took to steal Scotty Baldwin from Laura Webber, and had no problem using her siblings to do it.

General Hospital administrator Dan Rooney was very concerned about Bobbie after overhearing her side of a heated phone call. When he asked her about it the next day, she lied and told him that it all had to do with family ties she was trying to forget about. Bobbie blurted out that her sister had been calling her to ask for $500 to get out of a jam, and that Bobbie even called her brother Luke for help getting the funds even though she had not seen him in ages. In fact, Bobbie had just seen Luke earlier that day when she got him to make a room reservation in Scotty’s name at the lodge where he was taking Laura for dinner. Dan offered Bobbie the money and she quickly backpedalled, telling him her sister may be able to get the money somewhere else. Dan left the offer open-ended and Bobbie was left feeling guilty for lying to a friend.

Do you remember what special request Bobbie hissed at Luke to make when he called the lodge to make a reservation in Scotty’s name? Vote in our “General Hospital” poll: