Credit: They both reached for the gun! (ABC)

The GH Rant from March 23 – 27:

With next week being the 52nd anniversary of “General Hospital” and a pivotal episode planned for the Luke storyline, this week seemed to be the calm before the storm. Unfortunately it was filled with a lot of repetitive dialogue that recapped the major storylines and left fans that tune in daily twiddling their thumbs waiting for something to happen. Let’s discuss the few things that actually went down in Port Charles this week.

Liar, liar pants on fire.
Hayden blew in to town with claims of being Jake’s missing wife and threw his relationship with Liz into a tailspin. Fans are already fed-up with the fact that Jake’s amnesia has been dragged out as long as it has, so to bring in an over-used plot device like the fake wife has them even more frustrated. What’s even worse is the predictability that she’s been hired by Ric in order to get Liz away from Jake, which sadly seems to be working. Now we are left waiting for Liz to slink back to Ric, causing us to shout obscenities at her and the television screen. I really enjoyed the on-screen chemistry between Jake and Liz, but her actions often make it difficult to like or care about her. Liz needs to stop being such a doormat.

Hayden may find herself having a hard time gaining sympathy as well. She claims to only be working for Ric due to being left in debt by a cheating husband. Even if she’s down on her luck, it’s hard to feel sorry for the character and it leaves the audience not wanting to invest in her in the long run. That’s a shame as Rebecca Budig has been a fan favorite since her role on “All My Children.”

One character that actually blew me away was Carly. Normally I find her yelling and screaming like nails on a chalkboard, however this week she was amazing in defending Jake and going after Hayden. Hopefully Carly will nail Hayden and Ric sooner rather than later.

The one ring.
Patrick asked Sam multiple times to move in with him, but every time she tabled the discussion and said she needed more time to think about it. She then turned her focus towards her wedding ring and whether it was the ring that Jake spoke about before going into surgery. I really enjoy Sam and Patrick as a couple, but man do I feel for this guy right now. Every time these two are alone together, especially in an intimate way, Sam always ends up dwelling on Jake. It may be time for Patrick to move on with his life. Otherwise he’s going to find Sam rambling on about Jake when he tries to propose to her, and having Jake stand up for them at their wedding as her best man.