Credit: Like father like son? (ABC)

The GH Rant from March 16 – 20:

It was a relatively slow week in Port Charles that mainly focused on setting up feuds between several characters. However, the last few minutes of Friday’s show really delivered. Let’s discuss this week’s episodes of “General Hospital.”

Jake versus Sonny.
With Jake moving in with Carly temporarily and getting a job with Julian, the feud between him and Sonny is on and in full force. Once again one of Jason’s closest friends, someone who said he was like a brother to him, can’t see what is right in front of his face. This is really starting to irk me, especially after Spinelli told Sonny that for a moment he thought Jake was Jason. As for their feud, I’m actually okay with it because once again Sonny’s insecurities over Carly are making him do crazy things that will likely blow up in his face. Speaking of Carly, it’s just a matter of time before she ruins her relationship with Sonny by making a move on Jake. She may have pushed him to be with Liz, but my guess is she’ll be sabotaging them and herself every chance she gets soon enough.

Ric versus the women of Tinder.
Molly setting Ric up on a phone dating app had to be one of the funniest things all week. All I could think was, “Those poor poor women!” Molly also spoke the wisest words this week when she wondered what was wrong with the women of Port Charles who throw away good men and go after criminals and louses. Poor Molly doesn’t realize that some would include her father as one of those men.

Anna resets her moral compass.
In last week’s GH blog I ranted about how Anna was really dropping the ball when it came to bringing down the mob. This week I was glad to see her facing reality and making tough choices. Much of that came to Nathan’s telling her off over putting Jordan’s life on the line and keeping her undercover. Jordan should be kissing Nathan’s feet because we all know she’s run out of lifelines at this point and Anna wouldn’t listen to her. While they can’t bring down Sonny, which is want Anna wants, they are going to try and take down Duke. The real question is if Jordan can get Duke confessing to ordering a hit on a wire, will Anna really arrest him? She can’t seem to quit that man, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she bungled this and Jordan’s life ended up on the line.

Duke and Lucy.
The show has hinted at the possibility of Duke and Lucy as a new couple for a while now. Duke made it clear that he’s ready to move on with her, if she’s ready to move on from Kevin and Scotty. Personally I think they make a good team. What do you think? Vote in’s General Hospital Poll: Would Duke and Lucy make a good couple?