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The GH Rant from March 9 – 13:

Anna and the PCPD fell down on the job as usual this week. Not only is Luke on the loose again, but an all out mob war is about to break out. Perhaps Sloane, as crooked as he is, could be the one to clean up Port Charles? Let’s discuss what happened on “General Hospital.”

Spinelli should give it up.
In last week’s GH blog, I pondered whether we the viewers should feel bad for Nathan, or for ourselves for having to sit through this triangle involving him, Maxie and Spinelli. It seems the answer to that question is that we should feel bad for ourselves. It also seems clear which man Maxie should choose, and that man is Nathan. Nathan was patient with her, even considered bowing out as he thought it was best for Maxie and Georgie, but stayed in the game thanks to a locker room lecture from Dante. Spinelli meanwhile seemed desperate in his actions, pressured Maxie, and frankly showed himself to be completely immature. Running around excited over Jell-O day may have been cute a few years ago, but it’s not now. Maxie needs to choose Nathan in my opinion, as he will help ground her wild tendencies whereas Spinelli will just encourage them.

I think I’ll call her AJ.
Michael continued to twist the screws into Sonny with his decision to call Avery Jerome by her initials AJ. That was simply cold! Up until this week Michael’s claims that he wanted what was best for his sister seemed to be second to just wanting to punish Sonny. This week we got some nice scenes of Michael with AJ that showed he really does care for her, as well as a nice speech to Sabrina about how much he wants to protect her. Personally, I still think the punishing Sonny aspect outweighs wanting the best for his sister, but at least we got to see some emotion from Michael towards his sister.

Nanny nonsense.
Michael’s choice to hire Sabrina to be AJ’s nanny might not be the best move for his case. No matter what Sabrina claims about her intentions towards Ava and Avery the night she switched Ava’s meds, it seemed clear in that moment she wanted Ava to go into early labor and cost Ava her child to punish her for Gabriel’s death. Sabrina did come to her senses, and I don’t think she’d hurt AJ, but it still won’t look like a wise move to the courts. Honestly this entire nanny nonsense seems to be just a way to do something with the character of Sabrina, who hasn’t had much of a point on the show as of late. They tried the same thing with Rosalie not long ago by integrating her into Michael’s storyline, and she’s disappeared from our screens yet again. At some point she’ll likely pop-up, and it should be interesting to see how the two women in Michael’s life react to one another. Which woman do you think is better suited for Michael? Vote in’s General Hospital Poll: Who would you like to see Michael involved with?