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In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1979 when “General Hospital’s” Heather Webber accidentally took LSD intended for Diana Taylor…

Port Charles’ Franco, Heather’s son, recently injected himself with LSD that his mother had intended for Nina Clay in order to stay in Shadybrook. Back then, Heather had discovered that Peter and Diana Taylor’s son, PJ, was the child she had sold on the black market and she concocted a plan to get him back. Heather had convinced Diana that she was her best friend, but was actually plotting to make it look as though Diana had a mental breakdown so she could get PJ back from her.

Heather had her ex-husband Larry Joe purchase LSD for her and she put it into Diana’s iced tea as they were about to have lunch together. Heather mistakenly drank the glass containing the drug, and wound up in the hospital on a hallucinogenic trip. Jeff believed she had snapped and had her committed.

While in the hospital under the effects of the LSD, Heather sang a snippet of a song to Jeff. Do you remember the song? Vote in our “General Hospital” poll: