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The GH Rant from March 2 – 6:

It was an emotionally charged week in Port Charles with Avery’s custody hearing and Ava’s memorial service. However those storylines dominated the bulk of the week and dragged it down a bit. Fortunately “General Hospital” picked up the pace and delivered an amazing episode on Friday. Let’s discuss this week’s stories.

Poor Nathan, or poor viewers?
The return of Spinelli really had promise, as he’s a favorite with many fans. However throwing him into yet another love triangle with Maxie hasn’t been working. They’ve been having the same argument about who she’s meant to be with for a few weeks now. It has been enjoyable seeing him helping Lulu and family look into Luke’s past, and it would be nice to see him doing more of that and less pining over Maxie. Unfortunately Maxie and Nathan could be over thanks to Nathan catching them sharing a kiss. If Maxie and Nathan end things I don’t think she’s going to be racing back to Spinelli no matter how much he hopes she will. In fact she could end up hating him, which really isn’t what he wants.

Playing for the wrong team.
In last week’s GH blog I discussed how I was worried that Sonny may try and make a move on Jake out of jealousy, not knowing who he really was. With Jake being forced by Sloane to go undercover and work for the Jeromes, it seems even likelier that could happen. Jake’s new gig does have some humor to it given he’s working for his old boss’ nemesis. In the end he’s still doing the same thing though, battling Sonny’s enemies. We can only hope that once he’s back doing familiar things that it will jog his memory. Jake’s amnesia has gone on far too long. A really good twist would be to have him remember his life as Jason Quartermaine instead of Jason Morgan. That would be hilarious, especially after Tracy’s little rant on Friday that she personally never found much merit in Jason.