Credit: The queen of mean is back. (ABC)

The GH Rant from February 23 – 27:

Things heated up this week with a fire at Spencer’s party that left the Cassadine heir badly burned. The story was the focal point of the week and brought out exceptional acting all around. Elsewhere in Port Charles Michael’s hatred for Sonny caused Morgan to boil over. Let’s discuss what happened on “General Hospital.”

The love lives of 10 year olds.
In last week’s GH rant I discussed how ridiculously age inappropriate the love triangles for the kids on this show are. These stories continued this week with Cameron dumping Emma for Joss who “gets him.” Cameron later went home and told his mother how love and relationships are hard. Oh brother! Does the show think its viewers really want to watch this? Just make it all stop. It seems I’m not the only one who thinks this is over the top, as even the characters of Patrick and Lucas chimed in on these children’s ridiculous love lives. At least the writers are able to poke fun at themselves, but it would be better if they just dropped these stories.

This party’s on fire!
The acting from Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) and Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma) in the wake of the fire at Spencer’s party and his resulting injuries was absolutely fantastic. Something tragic like this should have an effect on both father and son, but what it will be remains to be seen. It would be nice to see Nikolas re-evaluate his actions and secret keeping as of late. It was revealed that Nikolas knows Victor is not Nathan’s father, which begs the question who is? This is one of those annoyingly dropped ignored storylines that I would like to see them resolve. As for Spencer, perhaps this will tone down some of his over-the-top antics. Though we wouldn’t want him to change too much, but perhaps a little humility would do him good.

It’s Pat!
The hunt for Patricia Spencer continued, but nobody seems to know where Pat is. All we know is she disappeared shortly after Luke and Bobbie’s mother died and they went to live with their Aunt Ruby. Possible sexual abuse from their father seems to be a possibility given how horrible he was, but I think this is just too predictable. All I know is every time they talk about Patricia I picture Julia Sweeney dressed up as her “SNL” character Pat. Maybe that’s just me though.

Jake’s empty head.
Jake pulled through the surgery, only to predictably still have no memories of who he is. Fortunately Sam is on the case and has promised to find out who he really is. If Jake told her that he had memories about being shot on a pier I still don’t think Sam would be able to solve this case. By the end of the week Jake began having some fuzzy memories of saving Liz once, but yet again nobody seems to have the brains to connect all the pieces and identify Jake. Meanwhile Sonny’s jealousy over Carly’s friendship with Jake could lead to Sonny making another egregious blunder. There have been not-so-subtle hints that he could potentially make a move to get Jake out of Carly’s life for good. This situation is exactly why Carly and Sonny as a couple drive me bonkers. Neither is good for one another or anyone close to them.