Credit: Luke's own Mr. Hyde. (ABC)

The GH Rant from February 16 – 20:

The highlights of the week were the return of Spinelli, as well as Jake briefly remembering who he was. However for a sweeps week, the excitement and advancement of stories was lacking. We are slowly getting answers about Luke, and it looks like we’ve seen the last of Helena for the time being. Let’s discuss what happened on “General Hospital.”

Maxie’s choice.
Spinelli dropped a bomb on Maxie this week when he revealed that he and Ellie broke up and that he wants her back. Now Maxie is caught between her old love and her new love Nathan. Spinelli was at least honest with Nathan about his intentions towards Maxie, but Nathan won’t like that Maxie neglected to tell him that she already knew about his feelings. On one hand Nathan is too black and white for Maxie, whereas Spinelli sees the shades of grey that she does. On the other hand… that whipped cream covered chest of Nathan’s on Friday’s episode! Are you team Spinelli or team Nathan? Vote in’s General Hospital Poll: Which man should Maxie chose?

Where is Judge Judy when you need her?
In last week’s GH blog I discussed how annoying Michael’s temper tantrums are, and his actions this week weren’t making me think any better of him. Michael suing Sonny for custody of Avery is just downright ridiculous. He has absolutely no biological ties to this child, and in the line of who should get custody of her if Sonny was to be found to be unfit, he would likely come in dead last. Kiki and Morgan should be awarded custody before Michael. However something tells me that Michael will succeed in his plot. How I wish Judge Judy were ruling this case as she’d be sure to put Michael in his place.

Anna and Sloane, what could have been!
Anna came back with a new job, which happens to be Sloane’s old one. What a funny twist of fate, as Anna may do what Sloane wished he could have, namely bring down the police commissioner of Port Charles. First I want to say that I am a huge fan of Grayson McCouch, I have fond memories of him on “Another World.” However I have yet to see that spark between him and Finola Hughes that she had with the previous Sloane, Robb Derringer. Granted she’s only just come back and it was their first scene together. Unfortunately they’ve hardened Sloane’s character since McCouch took over the role, so the hope for a romance between these two now seems to be a long shot at best. Hopefully the writers have more planned for Sloane’s character, as another big reveal about him would go a long way to making him less one-dimensional.

The playground gang returns.
While Spencer has been on the screen fairly regularly, his little friends haven’t been until now. Nicholas Bechtel (Spencer) is a phenomenal actor, and he truly shines in the scenes with the adult characters. All of the child actors are great as well, but when they get together their storylines verge on the ridiculous. These kids should be playing Nintendo and watching “Power Rangers,” or whatever it is kids nowadays watch. They should not be involved in love triangles and fake dating schemes to break apart other kid couples. Please writers, just let the kids be kids.