Helena’s charms.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, Soaps.com goes back to 2000 on “General Hospital” when Helena Cassadine controlled the mind of Lucky Spencer…

Right now it seems Helena has her hold on a couple of noggins in Port Charles, and aside from her obvious work on Jason Morgan she also seems to be controlling the actions of Luke Spencer so he will go along with her evil agenda. They aren’t the only ones who have had the honor of being under Helena’s thumb, but back then her victim wasn’t Luke, it was his son Lucky.

Shortly after his Valentine’s Day wedding to Elizabeth Webber in 1999, Lucky Spencer was thought to have died tragically in a fire. Instead, he was being held captive by Cesar Faison at the request of Helena Cassadine. In 2000, Helena released Lucky and he returned to Port Charles where it quickly became clear he was a changed man. He refused to reconnect with Elizabeth or his parents, and when Dr. Kevin Collins seemed to be making some progress, Helena used the Ice Princess diamond to hurt Lucky further, erasing his memories and causing him to have violent reactions toward the ones he loved the most.

Someone finally convinced Lucky to get help but he was never really the same again. Do you remember who it was? Vote in our “GH” poll: