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The GH Rant from February 9 – 13:

This week seemed to have a lot of dialogue meant to be review for fans who haven’t been watching frequently. We still have little answers on what is going on with Luke, Nikolas’ motives are just as puzzling, and Port Charles celebrated Valentine’s Day. Let’s discuss what happened on “General Hospital.”

Oops she did it again.
Maxie really is her own worst enemy. She’s one of my favorite characters on the show, but I just want to shake some sense into her. She is a mother now, so she needs to start putting her child before what she wants or what her friends need. After all she went through with Judge Walters, how could she help Johnny? Not only did she jeopardize her custody arrangement, but she’s also potentially screwed things up with Detective Sexy Pants. I am bracing myself for what mistakes she’ll make next with Spinelli back in town and springing the news on her that Ellie dumped him.

The brainteaser that is Luke’s mental problems.
Viewers learned that Luke has always been Luke, and whatever is wrong with him has been going on for far longer than we realized. As he doesn’t appear to be taking orders from Helena, it’s doubtful he’s under her mind control. His personality switches seem to point towards a split personality disorder. I get the feeling that whatever happened at the Spencer house, the missing sister Patricia, and Bill Eckert all somehow tie into something that happened to Luke long ago that fractured his mind.

Let’s make a deal.
Thanks to Nikolas, Helena went free in exchange for admitting what she knew about Jake and Luke. Hopefully this will be enough to get Jake out of the mess he’s in, but it’s doubtful she will shed any real light on Luke’s situation. Nikolas’ motives in all of this are still unknown. He clearly despises his grandmother and wants to see her punished, but he put the greater good of his friends’ needs over his hatred for her. On the other hand, he’s clearly resorting to illegal measures to help himself by rigging the election, which hurt his friends Anna and Felicia. What’s his end game? Where is this all going? Nikolas is impossible to figure out right now, but hopefully the show will give us some insight soon.

We can be heroes, for just one day.
Fans are currently debating who the real hero on The Haunted Star was, Michael or Sonny. Obviously the point of Sonny getting the credit was to get him out of prison, but many are furious that Michael’s actions have gone unnoticed by most in town. Both were heroes in my opinion, but Michael’s constant temper tantrums simply make it hard to feel anything for him. What is your opinion? Vote in’s General Hospital Poll: Who was the real hero on The Haunted Star?