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The GH Rant from January 26 – 30:

The week got off to a slow start, but by mid-week the stories really picked up. We have a prison break in progress, a boat on the verge of exploding, and we may finally have the answer to who Fluke is. Let’s discuss what happened this week on “General Hospital.”

Playing games.
Heather continued working Nina this week in order to use her to get revenge on Franco. One would think she’d just kill Nina and be done with it, but Heather’s mind likely has a more warped plan. She does like to play games. Speaking of games, I am wondering if Milton Bradley has become a new sponsor of the show. First we had Connect Four featured, and then it was Battleship. What’s next, Hungry Hungry Hippos?

Prison break! Next stop Port Charles.
The prison break was so unbelievable, but it made for good entertainment. Julian, Sonny, Franco and Ava working together could be an excellent story. They might be the only ones who can bring down Fluke and Helena at this point. The crazies versus the crazies! It will be interesting to see how the writers manage to get all the characters they’ve thrown in prison or the insane asylum back onto the streets of Port Charles. A lot of evidence is going to have to disappear. Sonny, Julian and Ava could try and pin it all on Fluke and Helena, claiming they framed them or forced them to do certain things. However Franco and Nina will have to convince a lot of people to drop charges against them. Some outrageous deals are going to have to be struck to keep them all out of jail.

You give me a headache Helena.
It seems like Jake is getting close and closer to breaking free from Helena’s mind control. We learned that when he fights her orders that he ends up with a headache, which explains his passing out on the pier. Robin’s appearance also seems to suggest that his mind is about to snap from all the pressure. This story hasn’t been going nearly as long as the Fluke one has, but I’m ready for it to be over all the same. Give Jake back his memories already and send Helena back to the freezer.

In last week’s GH Rundown I discussed how ridiculous it was that nobody questioned Jake’s suspicious duffle bag before. This week Carly finally turned it into the cops, and inside was all the evidence Nathan needed to connect him to the masked assailant. Poor Jake, one of his only friends turned him in. Carly was only trying to help him though, which he will hopefully understand. Sam on the other hand is just out to crucify him. When this storyline really explodes Sam is going to be left with such egg on her face. Only Liz and Carly seem to see the good in Jake, as well as find themselves drawn to him. Heck even Danny clearly feels a connection to him. What will Jake/Jason feel when he gets his memory back and realizes his own wife had no inclination as to whom he was?

Three little words.
With Lucas finally being featured more it was only a matter of time before Brad was back. Brad said those magic little words to Lucas, “I love you.” I can’t believe he said that! Not because I’m not happy about it, but because it seems like a bad omen. The two are headed to the party that Fluke plans to blow up. With Britt gone and now Brad saying those three words, something tells me the writing is on the wall and Brad may end up a casualty of Fluke’s plan. I hope I’m wrong, I really do.