Break out.

In this week’s Throwback Thursday poll, takes readers back to 1994 when “General Hospital’s” Luke Spencer and Sonny Corinthos broke Frank Smith out of jail…

Currently in Port Charles, a plot is brewing among inmates Sonny Corinthos, Ava Jerome, Julian Jerome, and Franco. Back then, Luke wanted to bring Frank Smith down because he had threatened his family and killed his cousin, Bill Eckert. As a means to that end, Luke devised a plan to get mob boss Frank Smith out in the open by breaking him out of jail.

Luke and Sonny broke Smith out by making the PCPD believe he was being transferred to another prison. As Officer Johnson called to verify the authenticity of the transfer papers, the trio, with Luke and Sonny in disguise, made their way out of the jail. By the time they got outside, Johnson had discovered the ruse and sounded the alarm. A shoot-out ensued on the dark, snowy night and Luke and Smith eventually got away in a pickup truck.

During the escape, Jagger Cates showed up to stop his brother, Stone Cates, from driving Smith’s getaway car. Do you remember what happened to them that night? Vote in our “GH” poll: