Credit: Robin's back, kind of. (ABC)

The GH Rant from January 19 – 23:

This week it seemed like many in Port Charles did what most of us dream of doing, spending half to most of the week in bed. More clues to Fluke were dropped, and things in Pentonville got heated. Let’s get into all that happened on “General Hospital.”

Here’s Johnny.
Johnny’s return, and buying back his half of The Haunted Star, got both Dante and Nathan fired up in the jealousy department. Dante basically ordered Lulu to sell her half of the restaurant, which was not a good move on his part. Dante better cool it before he pushes Lulu back into Johnny’s arms. Meanwhile Nathan was concerned about Maxie’s former relationship with Johnny. Fortunately he did not go all crazy like Dante did. The show did give the viewers a cute and clever play on real life versus reel life with Maxie and Johnny’s scenes. The actors are married in real life and share a daughter named Harper, which is the name Johnny had picked out for his little girl should he have one.

It’s time to get up.
While most viewers likely don’t have an issue with the smorgasbord of shirtless scenes Nathan has been given lately, watching him and Maxie lying around in bed has gotten old. These two need to get up, get dressed and do something else besides each other.

Fishing on the docks.
Even though Helena told Nikolas that Luke was her partner-in-crime, he didn’t really believe it until he saw it with his own eyes. Nikolas’ questioning of Fluke’s motives seemed to be more than just curiosity. It seemed as if he was fishing for info. It definitely looks like Nikolas is playing his grandmother and maybe trying to bring her down. At this point my money is on Nikolas figuring out the truth about Fluke before anyone else in town does.

Cousins, identical cousins.
In last week’s GH Rundown Blog I speculated that perhaps Fluke was actually his missing sister Patricia, who was constantly being brought up. This week though the show shifted back to discussing Bill Eckert every chance it got. Eckert is the obvious choice, so he should be the last choice the show would go with. “No Spring Chicken” from our forums suggested that Fluke was actually a brainwashed Luke. When Helena told Fluke that soldier boy’s name was Jake it seemed to hit him hard. Fluke is also constantly bothered by the mention of Eckert’s name. I can’t recall if we’ve ever seen anyone else in the room when the two Lukes have been on screen together. Could real Luke be all in Fluke’s head? It’s definitely a plausible theory, and one that solves the issue as to how Tracy could be fooled by an imposter Luke in the bedroom. What do you think? Vote in’s General Hospital Poll: Who is Fluke?