Another man’s wife.

A throwback to 1989 on “General Hospital” brings to mind a love that is hard to forget.

This week, Sam struggled to move on with Patrick while Jake (amnesiac Jason) fought to recall images of a past that were lost of him and Sam. In the late eighties, Felicia made the plunge to marry while quite unaware that she was betrothed to another in her similar plight to carry on without the love of her life.

In the summer of 1989, close to Frisco’s birthday, Felicia planned a new future with Colton Shore after believing Frisco was dead for some time. She celebrated with friends and family after Frisco’s brother Dr. Tony Jones walked her down the aisle. Unbeknownst to all, Frisco was alive and well after escaping from a foreign prison. He had the misfortune to arrive in Port Charles in time to catch Felicia and Colton exchanging their wedding vows. For days following the ceremony Felicia endured memories of her wedding to Frisco while Frisco secretly observed her from afar. He soon made his own vows to repay Sean Donely and Robert Scorpio for the WSB’s oversight that cost him his life and wife.

The couple would remarry a year later after many protestations, many over her resolve to stay with Colton. Who was this man that nearly stole Felicia’s heart from Frisco? Vote in’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us if you remember who Colton Shore was.