Credit: Your new mission, which you must accept. (ABC)

The GH Rant from January 12 – 16:

It seemed like everyone in Port Charles was scheming this week. The bad guys schemed as usual. The good guys took some hits, but are scheming to get back on top. Finally two good guys turned out to be scheming with the bad guys. This week’s story-lines also reminded me of past storytelling from NBC’s soaps. Let’s get into all that happened on “General Hospital.”

Jinkies! The case of the missing ballot box.
With the holidays well behind us I was not expecting such a fluffy filler episode like the election episode on Tuesday. That headache inducing “who stole the ballot box and why” story-line could have neatly been condensed into ten minutes of a regular episode. Not only was the episode infuriating, but the revelation to the audience that Sloane worked with Lomax to throw the election and take Anna’s job killed what could have been for Anna and Sloane. Anna’s down, but she’s not out, and I for one can’t wait for her to nail both Sloane and Lomax.

Welcome to the dark side, we have cookies.
The election episode not only revealed Sloane to be a villain, but he and Lomax are in cahoots with Prince Nikolas, who helped them steal the election. Say it isn’t so! The only good Cassadine has fallen to the dark side. On one hand the character of Nikolas suddenly got a lot more interesting. On the other hand, I am not sure I believe this sudden switch in morality. Nikolas has always wanted nothing more than to protect Spencer, so one has to wonder if that is what he is still doing. Could Nikolas be playing Helena in order to find out her true plan and bust her? Or has Nikolas actually fallen? Vote in’s General Hospital Poll: Nikolas turning to the dark side?

Jailhouse scheming.
In last week’s GH Rundown Blog Hollie blogged that the Julian and Sonny partnership was something she never saw coming. I concur, and like Hollie I’m really enjoying it. How long it will last remains to be seen though, as Sonny likely won’t forgive and forget that Julian let his friend Luke be locked up for so long. Still, it would be great to see their team-up last longer than just while they are behind bars. If and when they are ever released imagine the possibilities of the two families working together rather than against each other. Oh who are we kidding? As soon as their common enemy is vanquished these two will turn on each other.

Forever undercover Jordan.
Jordan’s predicament is getting worse by the minute what with Anna out as commissioner. Jordan is in serious trouble and we know Fluke won’t hesitate to go after her kid to teach her a lesson, as he did it with Julian. It wouldn’t be a shock if at this point Jordan went rogue and actually joined the mob for real. Shawn and Duke will do a better job protecting her and TJ than the PCPD would, that’s for sure.