Honor among thieves.

A “General Hospital” throwback to 1980 finds two hitmen far from Port Charles trying to collect on a big payday.

Sonny and Julian teamed up recently to save one another from Fluke and Johnny’s Pentonville cohorts. It’s not the first time a mobster has caved to help a sworn enemy, or meal ticket, as was the case at the start of the eighties.

In 1980 Luke and Laura were on the run from the first mob boss kingpin in town, Frank Smith. To save their skin Luke stole Smith’s prized book detailing his business and contacts. To silence them before they reached the “Left Handed Boy” to decipher Smith’s cryptic journal, Smith sent “Hutch” the hit man. Hutch met up with Luke and Laura in Beecher’s Corner and immediately became friendly with the two of them, going as far as renting a room at the Whitaker’s. Soon his attempt at being friendly turned into friendship. When it came time for the hit Hutch couldn’t go through with it. Unfortunately, Hutch was a marked man as well and was shot by Max (aka “Sally”) during Luke’s attempt to bribe them all with gold. Despite Hutch promising Smith he would carry through with the hit after being shot himself, Luke knew he wouldn’t. In the end Hutch realized Luke and Laura were his friends.

In addition to wanting Hutch out of the way with Luke and Laura, who else in Port Charles was on Smith’s radar for rattling his crime friends’ cages? Vote in Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us.