Credit: Snap, crackle, chemistry.

The GH Rant from January 5 – 9:

This week in Port Charles it was all about power shifts, strange alliances, shame sex and some serious Spencer family history. Let’s get into all that happened on “General Hospital.”

The morning after.
Housekeeping must have been busy New Year’s Day at the Metro Court, and there were more than a couple of choice scenes – but they certainly did not include Ned and Alexis in bed. No chemistry whatsoever, and, no. Just no. Olivia and Julian were not much better. But oh my – that dream sequence with Olivia and Ned was on fire and Julexis are always superhot. Of course, knowing that Lisa Locicero is pregnant in real life leaves me wondering if her character might not soon be carrying yet another mobster’s kid. The awkward run-in all four of them had was good – Ned looked like the person at the dinner table who wasn’t happy with what he ordered and wanted to trade it for what Julian had. But the absolute best was Liv dropping that truth bomb on Alexis about how she was using a good man like Ned to make a fool out of herself for a rotten one. Boom! The truth hurts.

Carly and Jake’s natural chemistry is fun to watch, and they are actually really cute as friends, maybe even more. As a huge Billy Miller fan, I want this to work no matter how you slice it. And I’m not mad at Liz pining over him either – it only seems right. Ric and Liz are just ho-hum to me, and it would be nice to see them in something other than Metro Court bathrobes.

Part philosopher, part outlaw, all trouble.
Johnny making his way out of Pentonville and back to Port Charles is great for so many reasons. First, he’s an instant nemesis for good guys Dante and Nate, both of who sorely need something to go up against so they maintain a bit of edge. Also, his chemistry with Emme Rylan’s Lulu – their first time interacting together in these roles – was pretty stellar, even more so than her chemistry with Dante. Ever since her stint in Stavros’ cryo-chamber their connection as a couple has seemed off to me. She was so quick to believe Johnny’s tale of innocence and it might be hard for her to resist his pull, especially since he really loves her. So what do you think about Johnny coming back to Port Charles? Take our General Hospital Poll: Are you glad Johnny is back?

Anna’s bad week.
In last week’s GH Rundown Blog Dustin talked about how much he wanted Detective Sloane to stick around to see what could develop between him and Anna after their sexy New Year’s kiss. Well, not only did she not get any, the next time she saw Sloane he was giving her yet more bad news about Johnny’s release. It’s been one blow after the other for her in 2015. Plus, we never saw where Duke and Lucy landed but chances are it was in bed somewhere. That will be something else fun for her to find out about next week. Let’s hope after all this Frisco talk he will actually show up. Anna needs an ally.