What about my baby?

A “General Hospital” throwback to 1975 bears a striking resemblance to Port Charles today when a woman worries about her child before going to prison.

Ava recently bonded with and named her new baby girl before heading off to prison. Back in the mid-seventies, a mom-to-be considered her baby’s best options before doing the same. In the spring of 1975 Augusta McLeod worried about her upcoming prison sentencing. As she awaited her fate, she mulled over the best needs for her baby. Lee Baldwin offered up the usual options of foster families and adoption. Augusta had strong feelings over a stranger raising her baby and feared that the child would grow up being told its mother was a murderer.

Augusta asked Peter Taylor to take their baby into his and Diana’s home hoping that she could be a part of her child’s life. Peter wasn’t interested in her request, due to the guilt of their affair and to keep the child’s paternity a secret.

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