Credit: Detective hotpants. (ABC)

The GH Rant from December 29 – January 2:

Port Charles rung in 2015 in style this week. Several surprise kisses were exchanged, Anna got an eyeful, Jordan got a new job, and a new character was introduced. It was a short week with the holidays, but overall an entertaining one. Let’s get to dishing all that happened on “General Hospital.”

Jordan’s new gig.
Cornered by Julian, Jordan managed to outwit him and keep alive by switching sides to Duke and Shawn’s team. In reality she’s working for Anna and the PCPD to bring down Duke and Sonny’s organization. I’m not sure how much work Jordan will get done as it seems like Shawn will be a constant distraction for her. I am still not convinced that Shawn isn’t TJ’s father, no matter what Jordan says. These two really need a new storyline to spice things up though, as this never-ending undercover bit has worn out its welcome.

Moving out and on.
Ric’s return prompted Jake/Jason to move out of Elizabeth’s place and move on with his life. Now he’s got a gig working for Carly and is staying in her hotel. I do hope he uses his paycheck to buy some new outfits, as he seems to wear the same thing day in and day out. I also hope he doesn’t give up on Elizabeth that easily as I really enjoyed the two together. Rick is just so slimy. The end game for Jake will likely be his wife Sam, however I love her with Patrick and don’t want to see them broken up either. Jason and Sam have a huge fan base, but with Billy Miller playing Jason now, I’m just not feeling the spark between him and Sam yet. I definitely love him with Elizabeth.

Worst character introduction ever?
On New Year’s Eve we were introduced to the new character Ivy played by Kelly Frye. She was supposed to be Agent Sloane’s date for the party, but dumped him for Nikolas Cassadine. Wow, what a way to introduce a new character. She’s clearly not going to be a good girl. Does Nikolas really need a Britt 2.0 in his life? Don’t get me wrong, I really liked him with Britt and was sad to see her go. However he seems to want someone who will be stable and good for Spencer. I don’t think Ivy will be that person. Take our General Hospital Poll: What do you think of Ivy?