Obrecht will crunch your bones! (ABC)

The GH Rant from December 22 – 26:

Surprises, miracles and heartbreak were all given out to the residents of Port Charles this week. Krampus came to town, and fortunately for the kids of “General Hospital” so did Santa Claus. Let’s discuss the week that was.

You are not the father!
The DNA tests came in this week and poor Morgan is not the father of Ava’s baby. I felt so bad for Morgan. The only good thing to come from the heartbreak was a Morgan and Kiki kiss. These two are so good together, though I don’t know if they can overcome their complicated history. For now they’ve sadly agreed to put the child first and backburner anything that might be going on between them. Here is hoping New Year’s will change that.

Rescuing Ric
In last week’s General Hospital Rundown Weekly Blog I had said that if Jordan was Ric’s only salvation, he was probably a dead man. Fortunately Shawn stepped in and together they managed to save Ric from Carlos, but now it seems Jordan’s cover is actually blown. It will be interesting how she manages to save herself, though honestly Julian should be grateful to her. Had Carlos actually killed Ric then Julexis would forever be dead in the water.

Ric versus Jake and Sam?
Ric’s reunion with Molly was one of several touching moments of the week, as was his reunion with Elizabeth. Jake on the other hand didn’t seem too thrilled by Ric’s return, and Ric clearly saw that Elizabeth was starting to move on. Ric and Sam aren’t the best of buds, but it could prove interesting if the two of them teamed up to try and take down Jake. Here is hoping Jake’s false identity doesn’t end up lasting as long as Fluke’s has though.

Stand by your man, or don’t.
Carly’s attempt to explain to Jake how it was a good thing that Sonny was the baby’s father was the “what the hell” moment of the week. I cannot believe she thinks this is a good thing at all. Sonny is not exactly the father of the year, nor does it appear he will be around in this child’s life for any part of the foreseeable future. Sure we all know Sonny won’t stay in jail long, but for now that is where he is stuck. Carly and Sonny definitely have their fans, but they also have those who don’t want to see them go down this road again. I am on the latter team. Tell us what you think Carly should do by voting in Soaps.com’s General Hospital Poll: Carly should?