“I’m never going to be somebody’s mother.” Bobbie Spencer

A throwback to 1987 on “General Hospital” touches our hearts with a past broken heart in Port Charles over being denied an adoption.

Maxie has been struggling with the belief that the universe is trying to tell her she is not going to be a good mother after the judge denied her the right to see Georgie. In the late eighties, another suffered a similar fate after being rejected by an adoption agency during the holidays.

In 1987 Bobbie and her husband Attorney Jake Meyer attempted to adopt a child together. On Christmas Eve, Jake learned that he and Bobbie were turned down by the adoption board. Against his better judgment he decided to keep the bad news from Bobbie over the holidays while he tried to change their agent’s mind on the matter. His attempts to make things right only made things worse as they fought throughout the coming days with Bobbie having no idea what was bothering him. Bobbie had found out they were denied on her own when she called the agency direct and learned they were taken off of the waiting list. Steve Hardy and the rest of the staff witnessed her breakdown when she learned the truth. Things went downhill from there and Bobbie begged Jake to leave her since she believed she was to blame.

Jake didn’t blame Bobbie but he was tired of her obsession when she wanted to try to adopt again. He asked that she leave Port Charles with him but she wouldn’t. After she left him alone to go to a New Year’s Eve party, Jake left Port Charles alone.

Bobbie was the reason her and Jake were denied the right to adopt with this agency. Vote in Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us why.