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The GH Rant from December 15 – 19:

This week in Port Charles saw the surprising resurfacing of characters, the jailing of yet more residents, and a lot of pre-holiday heartbreak. Most of these characters should likely get coal from Santa this year, but hopefully some of them will get the happiness that they are wishing for. Let’s discuss the week that was.

Heartbreak for Maxie.
It was another setback for Maxie, as Judge Walters denied her visitation rights again for failing to stay away from Nathan. How creepy is it that Walters seems to have spies watching Maxie’s every move? Does he have nothing better to do? Nathan made the comment that the judge seems to have zeroed in on Maxie and I think he may be right. But who would want to stick it to Maxie like this? Poster “lovesdogs980” noted in our daily recaps that it’s not like Spinelli, an out of work hacker for the mob, is any more fit than Maxie at this point. Are Spinelli and his girlfriend Ellie somehow behind this, or is the judge just a mean and nasty man? Nathan seems to determine to play hero and made a call to someone to try and get things moving for Maxie. Something tells me he’s getting help from “mutter.”

More heartbreak.
This week wasn’t a great one for the ladies of Port Charles. Olivia ended up getting shot down by Ned after finally telling him how she felt. What was Ned thinking? Actually, he wasn’t thinking. He must really be hung up on Alexis to pick her over Olivia. He’s going to feel like a fool when she inevitable dumps him to go back to Julian. I almost hope Olivia doesn’t give him a second chance if that happens. I was glad to see Olivia stand her ground and tell Ned that they couldn’t even be friends as it was too hard for her. Here is hoping Santa brings Ned some common sense and he ends it with Alexis first. Olivia was definitely the star of the week and she shined in her scenes with Ned and her little jabs at Alexis while waiting on them at Metro Court.

From one frying pan to another.
Julian just got himself out from under Fluke’s thumb, or at least so he thinks, and now he’s landed in bed with Johnny Zacchara. Really Julian? Maybe he needs to stick to his word to Alexis and just get out of the mob all together, as he doesn’t seem to be very good at it. He at least showed some smarts when he told Carlos he wasn’t about to get too involved with Johnny. It seems Julian has a plan to double-cross Johnny and get his hands on Sonny’s territory, but it obviously won’t be that easy.

Trapped in a trunk.
In last’s week’s General Hospital Rundown Weekly Blog Violette DeSantis pondered where in the world Ric was. This week we learned Johnny has his him and delivered him via a car trunk to Julian. Anna talked Jordan into remaining undercover to try and find Ric. I don’t know who to feel worse for, Jordan or Ric. Poor Jordan is never going to get to tell TJ the truth about her job, yet at the same time she is so bad at it that poor Ric may really be doomed if Jordan is his only hope. Here is hoping Shawn can save the day and rescue Ric as Sonny asked him to. One improvement this week was that Anna had the smarts to bring Jordan into the station in cuffs to have their latest secret meeting. Apparently she finally realized the public park wasn’t very good for keeping Jordan’s cover, which miraculously still hasn’t been blown.