And then there were three.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Port Charles, even for those under lock and key. Sonny Corinthos is getting schooled in Pentonville by Johnny Zacchara who is part of a major mob takeover. Johnny’s hinted that with the Jeromes on board with him, there will be three families coming together. He didn’t make it seem as though the Corinthos family was being considered in the equation. We’ve seen a lot of villainous criminals come and go, so if Johnny wasn’t referring to Cesar Faison, Jerry Jacks, or Larry Ashton, who could it be?

If Johnny didn’t mean Sonny or one of the aforementioned usual suspects when he referred to three families, which family did he mean? Take this week’s’s “General Hospital” poll to tell us which family with ties to Port Charles you think it could be.