Don't come around here no more. (ABC)

The GH Rant from December 8 – 12:

The mojo of the show might not be the same, but there is still some mojo in the storylines. Sad farewells played out well and tense moments surrounding gains and losses in a couple of love stories moved us. Now if the PCPD could just stop losing criminals and babies maybe they’d have time for the next great romance.

Here’s Johnny.
Well Johnny’s Pentonville presence packs a punch as Sonny soon found out. While Fluke considers how much Michael and Sonny are cut from the same cloth, it is apparent that Johnny is his father’s son too, but just a little less crazy than Anthony. The bits in Pentonville continued to give the week’s episodes a feel of mini-tales that stood out entirely on their own. Sonny’s ordeal in Pentonville, facing his former rival and performing the selfless act of telling Carly to move on, was moving.

What about Bob?
Never mind Bob, unless he has any authority that transcends his authority over Jordan he’s not likely to do anything about Commissioner Anna Devane overstepping her reach. The addition of these acquaintances from Anna’s past questioning her actions and nothing ever being done about it is a major flaw. Fans wonder why she hasn’t been charged with anything or why she’s even commissioner still. It might be fun if Scott had some authority and could get a court order to make her step down during an investigation. Maybe Fluke could take over in her place and we could have another run at a truly corrupt police force like Port Charles did decades ago. Now that Sonny’s in Pentonville, Fluke is the only game in town unless Duke has something up his sleeve to derail the pending crime takeover. Personally I’m not tired of the Fluke storyline, especially since it is making some headway, and like a few stated in the forums, it is great to have Helena back.

Where in the world is Ric?
Speaking of crazy reveals…No sooner was Alexis told that Ric was alive and before she could tell Molly, she learned Ric was missing. Here’s to hoping he mysteriously reappears in a fun way sometime in the future that will give the storyline more meaning. I have a good feeling after Friday’s episode that there is more to this mob story than meets they eye after Johnny told Sonny, “Soon enough you’ll be listening to reasoning, same as the Jeromes.” Have the Zaccharas been involved in this the whole time? With Fluke 2.0 in place, Ric missing and Carlos on the loose hinting it is time for he and Julian to get to work, it is a sure bet that the mob storyline is far from over.

The scenery of the past few weeks wasn’t the only thing adding to the show. Music was noticeable in the story shorts that played out this week. There was intensity throughout the Pentonville scenes and enjoyable holiday fare edited appropriately for some fun and quirky stand still moments at Delia’s during the reunion with her granddaughter and on-the-run daughter. Betsy Franco’s return added to the sincerity of the situation of Morgan trying to find his alleged daughter.