“Promise me you’ll get Cassadine.” O’Reilly to Robert Scorpio.

A throwback to the early eighties on “General Hospital” recollects another time when the WSB agents were up against the Cassadines.

The never ending manipulations of the Cassadines which continue to affect the lives of many in Port Charles today brings to mind similar events in the early eighties when the Cassadines pursued the Ice Princess at all costs. One cost was the loss of WSB Agent O’Reilly, Robert Scorpio’s partner.

In 1981 while the disguised Ice Princess diamond was changing hands between Quartermaines, Cassadines and everyone in-between, Robert Scorpio watched O’Reilly die in his arms. A blaze of gunfire took her down while she relayed information to him from a phone booth that Clay was dead. Robert heard the shots that struck her down but there was nothing he could do when he, Luke and Laura got to her. O’Reilly cared greatly for Robert and fondly referred to him as “Sonny” like she always did as she accepted her fate. Her dying wish was for Robert to find a way onto the Cassadine yacht to get Victor Cassadine who was responsible for her death. Against Laura’s wishes Luke did not plan to let Robert make a go of it alone. He found a way to get on the boat with Robert.

On the yacht was Tiffany Hill who was being entertained by the Cassadines with another distinguished guest from Port Charles, Alex Quartermaine. Although it wasn’t intended for her, Alex had been given the statue of the Ice Princess at one point. Do you remember who had given it to her with the intent that it make its way to Lila Quartermaine? Vote in Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell.