With the planning for the annual General Hospital Fan Club Weekend well underway, I thought it would be interesting to talk to our very own Prince (Tyler Christopher who plays Prince Nikolas Cassadine) about what he has in store for his fans. I even managed to get a little General Hospital scoop from him as well.

Soaps.com: First of all, congratulations to you and Brie on the pregnancy! What an exciting time for you. Humor us for a minute, will you? Is the nursery underway? How is Brie feeling?

Tyler: The nursery just needs furniture and we are ready to go. Brie is feeling great and getting bigger every week. She hasn’t been sick once so far.

Soaps.com: Tyler, it sounds as if your event at the annual GH Fan Club Weekend is pretty different from all the rest. With a raffle, live auction, 50/50, a chance for a fan to act an actual GH scene with you and even a comedic host it almost sounds like a trip to Vegas. Do you find that you usually attract a pretty fun group?

Tyler: The bar at my event always helps the fun factor. The fans can get pretty loose when they want to.

Soaps.com: Money raised from this particular fan event helps to support the 68 Cent Crew Theatre Company of which you are a part of, right? You’ve set up a good balance it seems, between the stage and your work on daytime. That was deliberate I assume?

Tyler: All scripts start on the stage. I love doing theatre outside the show because it breaks up the monotony of playing the same character every day. I find that while doing a play I feel reenergized to go into work at General Hospital.

Soaps.com: The theatre is currently doing plays that were written by the author of “Moonstruck” and stars Sally Struthers. Do you find that the economy has hurt ticket sales much?

Tyler: The economy hasn’t hurt ticket sales…the idiot who built Los Angeles is hurting ticket sales. It’s so difficult to get anywhere that I think people just feel it’s too bothersome to get in their cars and go see a show.