Escape route? (ABC)

The GH Rant from December 1 – 5:

Suffering from repetitive soaps disorder? Then you came to the wrong place because the cycle in Port Charles is stuck on repeat. The big picture doesn’t seem to have a point anymore but we’re showing up for the visceral vignettes.

Lies, lies, and more lies. On Spoon Island, the only thing to be thankful for was Obrecht and Faison’s reunion which was better played out than Nik’s tongue lashing of poor Britt. He picked a bad time to play daddy. It was hard to blame a little boy for his anger over losing a potential mom. Really harsh of Nik but Britt let the opportunities to come clean earlier slip away. It was nice to see her cry on her bestie’s shoulder. Brad’s appearance reminds us that this soap is centered on a hospital that no one ever works at anymore. The Quartermaine feast was waylaid by Fluke 2.0’s arrival. Definitely nothing to be thankful for there as the viewers heaved a collective groan of, “Not again!” Discovery that Faison was not the only Luke in town perturbed many.

Oh cry us a river already. That woman is the great manipulator. How ironic that she calls Franco a seriously evil man. Seriously? Let’s get serious. Ava’s picture is next to the word evil in the dictionary…even though she would rather be pictured next to the word mobster. All childhood dreams can’t come true. She’s doing better than Silas. His face is pasted next to the word fool.

Not your baby, Crazy Pants.
Jamie, a.k.a. Dimples, appears to be putting a kink in things for Franco. Despite subtle pleas to turn the baby over to a firehouse, Nina’s sticking to her plan. She’s really thinking for someone who was on the brink of insanity a day or so ago.

I always like a new set in Port Charles and Pentonville’s playground didn’t disappoint. It was a nice take on Sonny out of his comfort zone too. Maurice Benard is perfect for this part and Brandon Barash as Johnny Zacchara is a welcomed return. Michael Q’s construction site wasn’t amounting to much but his visit from Sabrina was the silver lining for his struggles over losing both fathers. Hopefully he’ll take heed of her words of warning about revenge. His dilemma adds depth to his character but many love the ‘good guy’ Michael.