“All the disguises on this earth won’t disguise you from yourself.” Robert Scorpio

A throwback to 1985 on “General Hospital” shares a somewhat memorable piece of Port Charles history when someone recognizable sported a bit of a disguise.

Anna seems pleased with herself lately and a bit more self-righteous than usual considering her comeuppance could be right around the corner. She could serve herself better if she took a moment to remember her life of lies in the eighties when she was masquerading behind her own face of lies, one that wasn’t a true disguise like Cesar Faison’s.

In 1985 Anna sported more than eighties hair and a jumpsuit. She came to Port Charles wearing a fake scar. Her reasons for doing so were personal and she admitted as much to Grant and Holly when she was questioned about it following their discovery of the truth. Holly did not believe Anna’s confession of not being able to live with herself for what she had done in her past. She wore the scar as a penance for her betrayal in serving as a double-agent and desired to not have any man want her. Holly believed they were all lies and was about to leave her husband Robert over it. At the time, no amount of explaining how his past with Anna had nothing to do with his marriage to Holly made her want to stay with him. While Anna and he worked together to dupe Sean out of the Aztec treasure, Robert also had to deal with Anna’s lies when he finally learned the truth about the scar being fake.

Holly was mad when she discovered Anna had been wearing a fake scar but do you remember if she was mad enough to tell Robert? Vote in Soaps.com’s Throwback Thursday Poll to tell us how Robert found out about Anna’s scar.