In jail for the holidays.

A “General Hospital” throwback to 1988 finds an eerily similar series of events in Port Charles for the Thanksgiving holiday with the exception of who was in jail.

Leading up to the arrival of Thanksgiving, Port Charles’ finest criminals find themselves at odds with the police commissioner and district attorney along with Duke Lavery who has lost the support of his Anna. In the late eighties however, Anna had Duke’s full support when she celebrated Thanksgiving from her jail cell.

In 1988, Anna Devane awaited trial for attempted murder of Olivia St. John, Victor Jerome’s daughter. He and then commissioner Robert Scorpio butted heads in how best to help bring Anna back home to Robin. Many could not picture Anna as the coldblooded attempted murderer that Scott Baldwin did. While Robert went out of his way to convince Monica and Tiffany to sacrifice their careers along with his to lie about Olivia’s condition to help Anna, Julian and Cheryl hid from the law so as not to incriminate themselves. Doubt and fear for what might happen to Anna clouded their judgment daily and Cheryl considered turning them in often. Victor and his minions kept an eye out for Cheryl and Julian and they were spotted at the Jerome safe house about the same time Robert’s planted news story broke about Olivia allegedly waking up and being ready to disclose who really shot her.

Before Robert could find Olivia’s murder suspect who made a second attempt on her life, someone gave up the location of the Jerome safe house to Duke Lavery during Anna’s trial. Do you remember who eagerly called the Lavery residence to report on the location? Vote in’s Throwback Thursday Poll if you know who squealed.