Robert is ready and waiting for what the future holds for him. (ABC)

Now that Robin and Patrick are heating up, can�t help but wonder what Miss Scorpio�s parents would think about their only child�s newly reclaimed love life. Better yet, what are the chances that we�ll actually get to see them together in Port Charles any time soon? Tristan Rogers (who has played Robert Scorpio on and off for 26 years) weighs in on the subject. �To use vets on the show, you�ve got to plan for it. You�ve got to be integrated into something that�s part of the fabric of the show.� That seems like a big check mark to us, since Robin�s love life has been pretty front-burner lately, right? And we all know what usually happens in soap world after characters say the �L� word � a wedding! Shouldn�t her mother (international spy Anna Devane) be on hand to have �the talk� with her at some point?

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Writer Robert Guza Jr. reports �Finola�s (Hughes) schedule is so hectic that I�ve never been able to count on her for much of a run.� checked Finola Hughes website to see exactly what it is that�s keeping her so busy. She�s working on humanitarian aid for the people of Sudan, has authored a fun sudsy novel that we reported on last fall, GH News and hosts her own TV show called �How Do I Look?� on the Style Network.