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Julie’s General Blogspittle
(Week of April 20 – 25)

That was it? Here one minute and gone the next? So much for the triumphant return of Helena Cassadine to stir the lukewarm cauldron that is Port Charles. It’s as if the writers went down their check list of trademark Helena scenes and then whisked her out of town again.

1. Big entrance? Check.
2. Attempt to put the fear of God into anyone in Nik’s orbit? Check.
3. Get precariously close to kissing Luke whilst posing a threat? Check.
4. Mysterious exit? Check.

Every time I see a trailer for a Julia Roberts film I take note that the editors include a scene with her trademark giggle outburst. It’s as if the viewers wouldn’t recognize a Julia Roberts movie if they didn’t provide a reminder of her as the ‘pretty woman’ wearing evening gloves reaching for her first taste of snail. I felt the same last week during our highly anticipated Helena visit. Let’s hope we get a bit more substance when Holly comes to town, eh?

As for Jerry’s return, he at least showed a slightly different side of himself this time around. Granted the cad doesn’t do remorse, as Jax pointed out, but I saw some, did you? Or maybe I just like Sebastian Roche so much that I wanted to.

I was happy to see so much of Dr. Kelly Lee last week. I would imagine that, as an actor on recurring status, Minae Noji is thrilled that two of soap’s most front-burnered characters are pregnant now. Maybe she’ll actually get a storyline of her own one day. Oh, I just thought of something. With all of the drama involved Carly’s pregnancy maybe she and Jason will have a few meetings and sparks will fly? I know, I know, it’ll never happen but a girl can dream, eh? I want some new couplings!